The 2017 Bracken Bat Flight Season is over. The next season will be released by June 1st 2018. Register here and we'll let you know when new dates are announced

Just a few miles from Natural Bridge Caverns is another amazing natural wonder: The Bracken Bat Flight, and for a limited time we are offering the opportunity to witness the evening emergence of the world’s largest bat colony.  Be there as millions of free-tailed bats spiral out of Bracken Cave and take to the skies on their nightly hunt for insects, in a truly awe-inspiring reminder of how amazing nature can be.

First, though, you’ll have a very different, but equally spectacular experience at Natural Bridge Caverns.  Choose a package that includes our Discovery Tour, featuring our largest and most breathtaking formations. Or if you’d like to take to the skies yourself (nowhere near the bats, of course!), you can tackle the fun of the Canopy Challenge. So whether you’re on the ground, below it, or above it, there’s always something to discover.

The 2017 Bracken Bat Flight Season is over.

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What You Need to Know

All three experiences begin in the afternoon and can last from 4 to 6 hours. Depending on which package you choose the start time and length of experience will vary. Please look at your tickets for start times and plan to arrive about 30 minutes prior. Upon arrival, all members of our party must check in at the Natural Bridge Caverns Group Sales/Online ticket window. These packages are limited capacity events and refunds will not be given if you are late.

All guests will first experience the Natural Bridge Caverns Discovery Tour and/or the Canopy Challenge Adventure Course depending on what package you choose. After you experience Natural Bridge Caverns' attractions, an orientation will be held for the Bracken Bat Flight. Then all guests will drive their own vehicles to Bracken Cave, located a few miles away.

The Bracken Bat Flight is an outdoor, natural experience. Please read the information below before purchasing tickets.


  • Remember that bats are wild animals.
  • Their emergence is a natural occurrence and we cannot control or predict exactly what the bats will do. Emergences and viewing experiences can vary.
  • Natural Bridge Caverns and Bracken Cave are located on two different properties a few miles apart. All guests drive their own vehicles to Bracken Cave.
  • There will be no early departures from Bracken Cave, except in the case of emergencies. Please schedule your meals and children's bed times accordingly. Please do not plan on an exact departure time.
  • Once the viewing has concluded you will not return to Natural Bridge Caverns.


  • The Bracken Bat Flight experience will take place rain or shine and all sales are final.
  • The entire experience is outside—with no buildings or coverings. Please be prepared for extremely hot temperatures and/or rain.
    Vehicle Considerations:
  • Bracken Cave is located in a natural, unimproved area. The road leading to the Bracken Cave is a dusty ranch road.

Quiet Zone:

  • The bats can be sensitive to noise so we need all visitors to remain quietly seated as much as possible. Please take this into consideration if you are considering bringing children to view the flight.

Physical Limitations to Consider:

  • Gravel walking paths and wooden benches are provided. Please consider physical limitations and the Texas summer heat when planning your trip. If you have accessibility needs please call 210-651-6101 before purchasing tickets.


  • Once you arrive at Bracken Cave the only restroom facility is a unisex Port-a-Potty. There is hand sanitizer available, but no hand washing stations.

What to Wear:

  • We recommend wearing comfortable hot weather clothing and walking shoes. (*Inside Natural Bridge Caverns we recommend shoes that provide good traction on steep wet surfaces, for the Canopy Challenge shoes must have a heel strap.)

What to Bring:

  • We also suggest sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • We recommend bringing a camera but no flash photography is allowed.
  • You may want to bring binoculars as hawks and other birds of prey may be seen.

What You Cannot Bring:

  • Please DO NOT bring chairs, food, pets, alcohol or any items such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes, matches or lighters. There is absolutely NO SMOKING at Bracken Cave.


  • At check-in all guests will be required to sign a liability waiver.

Brought to you in partnership by Natural Bridge Caverns and Bat Conservation International.